I guess at this point, it is not really a secret now that Google uses it as one their top music search functions any time you search for a song or an artist, but I feel that it is still under-used and under-appreciated.

My good friend Scott Anderson (co-founder of Storenvy) introduced me to this service about a year ago, and I have gotten so much more out of my music than I did before.

Through LaLa, you can listen to any record you want to in its entirety before committing to purchase it.  If you just want to buy it to where you stream the album from wherever you have the internet, you can choose to buy a web song (usually $.10) or the whole record (usually $1), and if you listen to it a lot…you can upgrade and buy the mp3s with the difference (all mp3s costing $.89 total and generally $.79 if you have already purchased the web song).

I’m using it as I type and it is just too good not to share.  You do have to enter your credit card in case you buy music, but the service it 100% free.  Click the link below and enjoy.