Wow. Those three weeks went incredibly fast. It is funny seeing life through the eyes of a blogger. As life happens, content happens. Interesting idea that is definitely not a phenomenon.

There is so much going on, I’ll hopefully have the time to share about everything in future posts including: 2 years of marriage with Lacey, deep thoughts, my grandpa/Father’s Day, a ton of great live music I have seen, leaving the country (just Mexico), etc.

So here is the second edition of things I “love”. The English language has obviously not given us much option other than the word “love” even for trivial fun things as listed below, so don’t be surprised if the next round is titled, “Things I Like A Lot But Could Probably Do Without”.

1. Paper Route :: Wow. So intense and epic. I love it. (Photo below again by Andy Barron.)


2. Jedidiah Blog :: Alright, alright…I know that most of you already know that I am the person who regularly updates this blog. But let me say this: Jedidiah has such a unique platform as there is interesting and meaningful content coming to the brand from so many different directions, that it makes running this blog makes a really fun challenge. Mainly because it is deeper than sales. Although sales is really important, we strive to get people active in their communities and encourage them to find hope, love and good in their lives.

3. The World Cup :: Anyone that knows me, knows that I love soccer. I was playing tennis with my friend Ryan on Saturday, and he told me that I was the first person he ever knew to actually watch the World Cup. I love it. (I love the joy from the U.S. side in the photo below, but I cannot believe how badly we were robbed.)

I’m always rooting for the U.S. and I am always rooting for France. France seems to be in quite the predicament at the moment, but I hope that at least one of the two teams makes it through to the round of 16.


4. Sarah Shreves Photography :: I grew up with Sarah and I wish I could explain to each person reading this how proud I am of her. It is so cool to see how talented she has become with that camera. I am sad to see her moving to Pasadena, but know she will make the most out of the opportunity. (Below is a shot from Catalyst West of Zach Williams, who will definitely be on one of these coming up as well!)


5. The Big 12 Conference :: Man, last week was a rough week. As far as Baylor is concerned, things could have been pretty bad. But the conference prevailed, and I really am stoked with the turnout. (Thanks Ken Starr.)

(Funny that Baylor is on top, Colorado is on the bottom and Nebraska is off to the side where no one cares.)