Authenticity leaking out of an artist is my favorite characteristic of a good performance. Fortunately, Lacey and I have seen some great shows recently that have exuded just that.

2 shows that we have seen in the past few months that have been incredible and full of authenticity are:

Mumford & Sons in June...

(Photo by  Andy Barron )

(Photo by Andy Barron)

...then last Friday, we saw Jonsi. Unreal.

(photo from  Jonsi's Flickr )

(photo from Jonsi's Flickr)

Tomorrow night, we'll see Sufjan Stevens. The anticipation of seeing him so soon after his release that is getting a lot of mixed reviews is killing me, and to say I am excited is an understatement. I've heard that his new record makes a lot more sense after you see the live performance.


One common thread between the two shows that I have seen is the feeling of inspiration, depression and rejunvenation.

Inspiration for myself to create more of this songwriting art.

Depression knowing that I may never realize a percentage of potential compared to the realized potential that I am witnessing. (Not a deep depression, mind you. More of a "welp, that sucks.")

And rejuvenation in the fact that this art exists, for us to enjoy, for us to contemplate, for us to imitate, for us to disect, for us to grow.

Somehow these performances often draw me closer to what I think Jesus has called us to do, in expressing our love for him and our need for the cross.

It is the authenticity leaking out.