Here we are for another installment of “Things I Like”. It’s been a while, fun to put this together, and *hope* to do it more frequently.


1. Andy Powers Instruments :: Very few times in your life will you come across someone as kind and talented as Andy Powers. I met Andy through his wife Maaren who became a great friend when I was a camper at Walking On Water. I got to attend their wedding in the spring of 2005, but I didn’t actually meet Andy until after Lacey and I moved back in 2008 at North Coast. (I often think of their wedding as he played Canon in D on a guitar he built while Maaren walked down the aisle…unreal.)

Since having my Martin, I really was trying to avoid having to take it to some genaric shop and called Andy to see if he would take a look at it. He was super busy, but said I could drop by his shop and I was stoked to put it in good hands.

After sitting down with him for 20 minutes, I a) understood my guitar better, b) was blown away at his knowledge of the craft, c) was floored by how great of a player he is and, d) was just stoked.

He makes some gorgeous instruments (see below) and I’m hoping to buy one someday. There are other exciting things coming in Andy’s career, and I’m sure I’ll tell you about those soon…

If I take anything away from my interaction with Andy, it is just to work hard, be kind and be good at your craft. I am excited for my friendship with him to continue.


2. Sean Walker Photography :: I don’t know if I say this enough, but I have the most talented friends. Sean is a guy that I’ve always loved being around.

Sean was a groomsman in my wedding, and in the past few years, has grown as a coveted wedding/portrait photographer in San Diego and beyond. (Shot below was taken by Sean in Seattle…unedited.)


3. Billy Knox Ties :: (See first sentence of #2 … I can’t believe how talented my friends are.) I am stoked I got to know Billy at A&M when I would go down to see Lacey in College Station. I loved keeping up with him while he was in Bulgaria and loved that our communication grew in to a deeper friendship. I respect Billy on a lot of levels and am super thankful for his desire to know truth.

He recently did a great post on a tie he remade from one of my grandpa’s old ties. Check it out and then e-mail him to get your own!


4. S. Carey :: I came across S. Carey several months ago through Ryan Booth’s blog and just purchased his record in the last month on iTunes. I love the raw quality about his voice and I’m a big fan of his piano riffs. He sounds like Bon Iver, which is for good reason since he also plays in his band.


5. iPad :: I was the benefactor of several incredible gifts from both my family and Lacey’s. The biggest surprise was an iPad from Lacey’s parents and I’m really looking forward to using it to read with Flipboard & ESV and to keep track of productivity with Things(thanks Austin!!) & Evernote.


That’s it for now. Excited to do another one soon.