Lovelite has a new record today and I strongly recommend you get it

If you're a fan of M83, great melodies and arresting worshipful lyrics, Andrew & Jen have put together a collection of songs you will really enjoy.

Some highlights for me:

  • "Brother & Sister" starts the record with an incredibly welcoming call to listen ... "He is the one who changes our lives." I love the hauntingly clear tone in Andrew's voice.
  • "Every Breath is a Chance" to sing of Your worth. The combination of melody and lyric is introspectively brilliant.
  • "Your Love is as Wide as it's Tall" has beautifully pensive beginning and I love the proclamation of "There's a secret hidden in our skin / of this ancient hope we have within."
  • The riveting piano on "Wonderful Jesus".

Killer production by Tyler Chester and they have the best manager in the world in Daniel Gonzales. Not to mention the ultra-talented cast of players on the record! (I'm looking at you Dan Bailey, Darla Hawn, Tyler Chester!)

Now give it a listen and then buy it here.