"Ignore this book at your own peril." -Seth Godin

This quote proudly sits on top of the cover and as far as business is concerned, I whole-heartedly agree. Recently while in Canada, I read "Rework" for the second time and it continues to infuse freshness into how I spend my time while working and how I think about building a product (currently ZenCash).

Jason Fried, founder of 37signals, has done a lot of things well. Aside from running an incredibly profitable business, the lens he sees business through is really fun to take a peek through.

A few thoughts I especially appreciated from the text:

  • Marketing is something everyone in your company is doing 24/7/265.

  • Press releases are spam ... your first introduction is this vague, generic note you also send to everyone else? Is that the impression you want to make? Is that really going to get you the story? Instead, call someone. Write a personal note ... Do something meaningful. Be remarkable. Stand out. Be unforgettable. That's how you'll get the best coverage.

  • Plans more than a few pages long just wind up as fossils in your file cabinet.

  • Figure out the next most important thing and do that.

These are only a few of several great points that stood out. I ask that if you are running and/or starting a business that you take a night or two to let this inspire you. 

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