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  • A few minutes with Blake Mills is always good for you.
  • Watched "A View From A Blue Moon" recently, and the footage is so amazing. Definitely worth the watch whether or not you are into surfing!
  • Obsessed with AirTable as a tool (thanks for showing me, Austin!)

Weekend Links

Hi from Paris! We are loving our time in Paris - full of exploring, cafes, long lingering meals (and work for me).

  • I was rooting for Federer at Wimbledon, and just saw this photo from the action. He plays so gracefully.

And this is the second Friday where Fridays are the international music release date! Out today:

Records of the Year: 2014

ONE.   Blake Mills.   Heigh Ho. Blake Mills' show at El Rey in September was one of the best I have ever seen, and I don't say that lightly. The instrumentation, the songs, and the talent on display were all top notch.

TWO.    Ryan Adams.    Ryan Adams. This record was like a ice cold glass of water on a hot day: exactly the right thing at exactly the right time.

THREE.   The War On Drugs.   Lost In The Dream. This record showcases some amazing tones and great production. I probably listened to it 25 times in a row after the first time I put it on.

FOUR.    Beck.    Morning Phase. I hadn't listened to Beck too much before this year, and this record as a complete work was really impressive to me.

FIVE.   Sturgill Simpson.   Metamodern Songs in Country Music. Recording live-to-tape is getting more and more rare, and this team knocked it out of the park with that process. I love how this record sounds.

Here are several other records I really enjoyed this year in no particular order:

  • Hozier.   Hozier. I'll just say this: I am not the only person who has him on a year-end list.

  • Delta Spirit.   Into the Wide. Total rock'n'roll.

  • Young Oceans.   I Must Find You. I needed this record this year. The song "I Must Find You" was really great for re-centering and late nights.

  • Copeland.   Ixora. I love that these guys came back -- but the April Fool's announcement threw me.

  • Coldplay.   Ghost Stories. Continually solid and dominating their niche.

  • Field Report.   Marigolden. Singer-songwriter music that feels really fresh.

  • First Aid Kit.   Stay Gold. Great songs, good melodies, good harmonies. Sounds like Eisley + country, and Lacey and I loved it.

  • Taylor Swift.   1989. Her marketing people deserve some kind of award as well.

  • Tycho.   Awake. Some of my favorite instrumental music in the last decade. Love it.

  • Crowder.   Neon Steeple. Solid all-around record.

  • Luke Reynolds.   After the Flood. Just heard of this guy recently, and I really like the tunes.

  • Colony House.   When I Was Younger. Proud of these 3 ... they have been hard at work for so long. These are all really solid songs.

  • SOHN.   Tremors. Incredible voice and great programming.

  • Brooke Fraser.   Brutal Romantic. New territory for Brooke, and it's a good direction.

  • Matthew & the Atlas.   Other Rivers. New discovery this year for me. Great for working late at night.

  • St Lucia.   When The Night. These songs get me playing the air drums really hard.

  • Noah Gundersen.   Ledges. Noah really put his best into this record. Excited for people to start seeing our #SerialBoxTV episode with him.

Thanks for reading! I made a Spotify playlist of some of the highlights here.

I want to hear about your favorite records. Tweet them at me here:   @p_dodd.

Weekend Links

  • Wow, what a way for Derek Jeter to go out at Yankee Stadium. That was special, and I am glad for him.

  • Tim Keller  is always nailing it:    "It is not the strength of your faith but the object of your faith that actually saves you."

  • Since seeing him live last week, I've been on a huge Blake Mills  kick. If you're new to Blake Mills, you'll love this intro to his music. But if you've been a long-time listener, you'll love it as well:
  • With Alt-J  releasing their record this week, I'm really digging this new tune.

  • I am excited for, and glad to see, what Desiring God is releasing with these labs.

  • I started reading a book called Traction, and one of the authors is a co-founder of Duck Duck Go, a search engine who advertises they don't track your every step (in case you are paranoid about what you are searching for). It's a nice change of pace from Google, and pretty clean.

  • Killer work on the Glass Optical blog  by Paul,   Doug, &   Kelsi.

  • I wish I could have been at the San Diego premiere at Aloha Sunday, but this trailer for Globe's Strange Rumblings    is awesome: