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Songs for Christmas

After the "Advent Songs" post the other day, several people asked for some direction on Christmas music. Here are a few things that jumped to mind immediately:

I love Evan's work on "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" below and I love every guy playing an instrument in this video.

Brad & Luke did an amazing Adventure Drums video of a song that may take some of you back:

As far as some incredible Christmas records to enjoy these last few days before the big day:

And although Dave Barnes also has a great Christmas record, his Christmas Extravaganzas are hilarious ... especially this year's.

Also, for myself this year, I put together a Spotify playlist to always have updating. Check it out here: Feliz NaviDODD

(Also, check out some fun Christmas videos from 2010.)

Feliz NaviDODD. Merry Christmas and have a great holiday!

Songs for Advent

Over the course of a December day, I am often forgetful of the weight of God's gift to us through Jesus. During Advent, expectations are heightened as we celebrate Christ's coming.

Thankfully, songs during the season remind us of this and I'm lucky to have a few incredibly talented friends who have specifically celebrated Advent with their craft of songwriting.

Take a listen to Young Oceans in the video below and buy it here.

Also, please check out the Robbie Seay Band's Advent EP here.

To finish this Advent season meditating on scripture, you can download a free eBook from Desiring God, "Good News of Great Joy", here.

Also, "O Come Let Us Adore Him" is a common theme song for Advent, and you can listen to a version Tyler and I did last year here:

2.5 (or so)

I can’t believe it has been about two and a half years since I married the loveliest woman in the world. This is the kind of post that is typically reserved for an anniversary, but I can’t help myself.


The other day, I was driving home and thinking about how truly lucky I am to have married Lacey. Her love, her character, her spirit, her beauty, her servanthood are all to be praised. I am so thankful for her presence in my life and her love for the Lord.

A post on a blog would never be able to contain what I feel for my wife, but I wanted to proclaim to those of you who do read this how thankful I am for the gift of marriage to Lacey. She sharpens me, she challenges me, she loves me…


Lacey’s companionship is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Thank you Lacey. I am an incredibly lucky man.

(Top photo by Huy Nguyen, bottom by Sean Walker.)

Christmas Videos


Wanida and Mark are both insanely talented. Her voice breaks me every time.

And if you are on the internet at least once a month, you have probably seen this. Kind of a fun video.