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Weekend Links

  • Asgeir's new video is just getting me excited for his record to come out in the U.S. on January 27.
  • It is really fun to have known someone, not see them for a long time, and then discover and love a song they put a video out for. Tapajenga / Paul Mitchell, well done.

  • I have continued to enjoy my Nixon "Stylus" headphones since just before our trip this summer. The sound, low end, portability, and overall experience is really solid. Thanks Steff & Nixon! 

  • I caught a little bit of The Resurgence Conference online this week and was struck by Rick Warren's comment: "You'll be tempted to use the gifts God has given you for your own purpose."

  • Tonight is the Lone Flag launch party! This is good news for San Diego. If you're around, see you there!

  • Totally digging Monarch. Sounds great Joel!

  • A beautiful look into Fatherhood

  • Inside Llewyn Davis, the movie about Brooklyn's early '60s folk scene, looks great to begin with, but when you gather Marcus Mumford, Justin Timberlake, Chris Thile, and a couple unreleased Bob Dylan recordings, you're sure to have an awesome soundtrack.


  • There have been no waves here recently, but this photo got me excited for the next time there are. (Maybe today?)
  • Ran across this C.S. Lewis quote this week which I've loved! "Before we can be cured, we must want to be cured." You feel that?!

  • In honor of a great dude now being the official bassist / member of Local Natives, had to post this great La Blogotheque video they put out recently: