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  • "Active listening requires that you interrupt when you need a clarification, and it requires that you ask a truly difficult question when the speaker is finished." -Seth Godin from "Active Listening."
  • I am really interested in the conversation created around Sufjan Stevens and writing about faith.


Joel & Morgan

This video is one of the coolest wedding videos I have ever seen, especially given that is of Mr. Joel Limpic and his amazing new bride, Morgan.

I’m sure that when I start featuring people that have made an impact on me, I will easily and quickly point to Joel Limpic, but for now, I leave you with a video of their big day. I have watched this video about 10 times and tear up a little more each time. It is simply so beautiful.

(I know that this blog is pretty much turning into a video library. I’m just getting warmed up.)