Blinksale // CEO

Blinksale is the easiest way to invoice online for small businesses, freelancers, publishers, and anyone in between.

SerialBox Productions // Executive Producer

SerialBox Productions is A Multi-cam, Multi-track, live, One-Take performance series. No pick-ups, over-dubs, or comps. What you see and hear is one time through, mistakes and all.


Ranch Land Studios // Managing Partner

Ranch Land is a world class recording studio located in Cisco, Texas.


Reaction Records // Cofounder

Reaction Worship is a record label and media company.

Previously have worked on...

  • Attaboy Records // Cofounder
  • Barna Group // Lead Digital Strategist
  • WELD // Director of Partnerships
  • Lonelyleap // Music Direction
  • ZenCash // Cofounder, Director of Operations
  • Sun Bum // Social Identity
  • The Paradigm Project // Social Media, Marketing, Branding, Connector
  • Aaron Chang // Marketing & Online Communication
  • Jedidiah Clothing // Director of Marketing & Social Media
  • tagproject // Cofounder
  • XXXchurch // Social Media Manager
  • Gadling Travel Talk; AOL // Music Licensing
  • FreeThemm // Director of Marketing
  • Monetizer // Cofounder & CEO