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Rest & Retreat

Lacey and I are really excited to get away for a bit. Thankful to unwind and decompress. 

Have a great week!


Four years

It's hard to believe today marks four years of marriage. Every day married to Lacey seems to get better. And I am eternally grateful for the sharpening and intimacy that marriage brings out in me.

A few things that stick out from this year:

  • I so often catch myself thinking about Lacey when driving somewhere and smiling at our interaction. Our humor has meshed so much over the past few years.
  • She is still so beautiful to me.
  • Even as intimate as you feel you are, there is always more to explore. The unity of souls is a lifelong process.

And ... we're back!

I've been excited about this blog for a while now and it is now live. Everything you see here is an idea I had that Keiran took and then made 1,000x more awesome than I could have ever hoped for.

Simple. Clean. Straight-forward. Beautiful. Light-weight. Functional. Incredible.

You see the "Aeliox" banner on the right?

Go ahead.

Click on it.

You will be catapulted into a world of wonder that Keiran has created. I am thrilled that this site is now part of his wonder.

To see another reason why this site is as good-looking as it is, check out Keiran in the photo below (or see more from this shoot).